Participant Information

Section A:  The Research Project

Title: Understanding why those who require visual correction do not run whilst wearing their spectacles


1. Purpose and value of study


The purpose of this study is to understand how frequently those who require spectacles for everyday life chose to wear their correction when running, whilst identifying the most common reasons as to why they may choose to run without their correction. This could be important to determine certain factors or environments that may influence the choice of running with or without spectacles to identify if they have an impact on gait variables or possibly limit participation.


2. Who is organising the research?


You will be undertaking research organised by myself (Georgia Dunn), a Postgraduate Researcher within the department of Sport and Exercise Science at Anglia Ruskin University – Cambridge site. This project will be overseen by Dr Matthew Timmis, Dr Keziah Latham and Dr Andrew Morrison.


3. Has this study received ethical approval?


This study has been approved by the School of Psychology and Sport Science ethics committee at Anglia Ruskin University.


4. Contact for further information


Please contact me, Georgia Dunn, at any time during the research project via email: