Privacy and data storage notice

We’re studying book reading. We would be very grateful for a few minutes of your time in completing an online survey about books - what you read, how you read it, and what you like about print books, e-books, and/or audiobooks. 

For more information about this academic study, and what we will do with the information you share, please click on the file below. 

Thank you! 

By completing and submitting this survey I agree to take part in the above research.  I have read the Participant Information Sheet (link below, v1, 10th January 2020) for the study. I understand what my role will be in this research, what information will be collected from me for the study, what will happen to the data collected from me and how it will be processed and stored, and that quotes from me may be used, anonymously, in the dissemination of the research. I am aware that the lead researcher, Dr Laura Dietz, will analyse results and that findings will appear in a range of publications. I am aware that I will not be asked to give my name and that my responses will be anonymous.