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        Project and Participant information sheet

Hello, my name is Eliza Horn.

I am an undergraduate degree student from Anglia Ruskin University and The University Centre of West Anglia. As part of my Veterinary Nursing degree course I am undertaking a research project for my honours dissertation.

This study has been approved by the ethics committee at Anglia Ruskin University. 

During my work at a general veterinary practice in the past three years I have noticed that the number of brachycephalic dogs has been consistently increasing and that a large proportion of them require medical interventions. This is why I have decided to conduct a study and collect data on the opinion and knowledge of registered veterinary nurses and student veterinary nurses in the management of brachycephalic patients for treatment and advice. This part of the study is based on a questionnaire.

Title of the study

An evaluation of veterinary nursing provision and opinion in the management of canine brachycephalic patients presented for veterinary treatment or advice

Aim of the study

Veterinary nurses and surgeons have a professional and moral obligation to reduce and prevent the negative health and welfare impacts of extreme morphology and inherited disorders in brachycephalic canine. 

Veterinary professionals can play a vital role in improving the owners’ perception of these issues and help educate them, for example through the creation of special ‘airway’ nurse clinics and routine brachycephalic clinics, which would allow them to identify brachycephalic dogs that are at risk and refer them for further examination and possible treatment by the veterinary surgeon. This would allow the veterinary nurses to provide specific advice to the owner on what clinical signs to look for and how to monitor and manage their dogs’ condition. They could also give specific instructions concerning the dog’s daily routine and recommend lifestyle changes for dogs at risk of Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome (BOAS).

I am looking for volunteers to participate in this project. To qualify, participants must fulfil the following inclusion criteria: To be a student veterinary nurse or registered veterinary nurse.

Exclusion criteria:  to be under 18 years old 

I would greatly appreciate your input as veterinary professionals by answering the following questionnaire. You are under no obligation to participate in this study. If you do agree to take part of this study, you will be asked to tick the box in the consent form.

This study will comply with the General Data Protection regulation (GDPR, 2019). All data will be anonymous and it will not be possible for you to be identified in any reporting of the data gathered. All data collected will be kept in a secure password-protected laptop and backed up on a USB key that will never be left unattended.  The data will be kept until October 2020, following which all data will be destroyed. The anonymous results could be published in a journal or presented at a conference.

Participant consent form 

1. I agree to take part in the above research. I have read the Participant Information Sheet (21/11/2019 - version 4.0) for the study. I understand what my role will be in this research, and all my questions have been answered to my satisfaction.

2. I am free to ask any questions at any time before and during the study.

3. I understand what information will be collected from me for the study 

4. For the purposes of the Data Protection Act (2018), if this project requires me to produce personal data, I have read and understood that Anglia Ruskin University and The University Centre of West Anglia will keep all data anonymous and that it will not be possible for me to be identified in any reporting of the data gathered.

5. I understand what will happen to the data collected from me for the research.

6. I have been informed how my data will be processed, how long it will be kept and when it will be destroyed.

7. I have been able to access and view the Participant Information Sheet. (21/11/2019 - version 4.0)

If you would like to contact someone who knows about this project, you are welcome to contact the researcher or the project supervisor. Please refer to the contact details below:   


Name of researcher: Eliza Horn           Email:           

Project Supervisor: Hannah Almond    Email:   

You are given the opportunity to withdraw by closing the electronic survey in the browser window. After the questionnaire is submitted, no withdrawal will be possible.

1.1. Participant consent form Required