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Study Title:  A survey to understand the sexual, hormonal and reproductive wellbeing of the UK general population: Part of the EKHO project. 


You are being invited to participate in a research study that aims to understand the sexual, hormonal and reproductive experiences and concerns of the general population of this country. The findings are to be used to help design training and resources about these topics. 

This research study involves participating in a survey, where you will be presented with a series of questions about your sexual, hormonal and reproductive wellbeing. Your data will be treated as entirely anonymous, and we will only ask for contact details if you wish to be entered into a prize draw. You are able to take part in this study if you are based in the UK and over the age of 18.  

Who is organising and funding this study? 

The study is being carried out by Professor Lee Smith and Hannah Miller, who are researchers working at Anglia Ruskin University, in partnership with EKHO - - who are funding this study. 

EKHO is an online platform which delivers specialist training and resources aimed at improving sexual wellbeing and enhancing relationships. 

What would taking part involve? 

If you decide you would like to take part, you will first be asked to provide your consent to participate. You will then be presented with a series of of questions about your experiences and particular issues you have had. There are no right or wrong answers, and you are under no obligation to answer any questions you are uncomfortable with. 

What are the benefits?  

By taking part in this survey you will be contributing to a major study that aims to support educational and wellbeing interventions and resources for the UK population, which will be implemented in a range of areas. 

If you believe you have suffered from health discrimination, not had wellbeing concerns understood or have suffered with the effects of poor intimate health, your feedback will help us to make a difference. 

In taking part, you will also have the opportunity to be entered into EKHO’s prize draw, to win a wellbeing bundle of prizes from leading brands with a total value of £1000. Should you wish to enter this prize draw, you will be asked for your contact information on the final page of this survey.

What are the risks? 

The study is not expected to pose any particular risks to participants, although the survey may cover topics of a sensitive nature. You don’t have to answer any questions that make you feel uncomfortable or upset. 

How will we use information about you? 

If you decide to enter the optional prize draw, you will be asked to provide your name and email address. However, this information will be kept entirely seperate from your survey responses which will be anonymous. Your personal details will never appear on any reports or publications. 

All data will be stored according to strict University guidance. Your responses will be analysed alongside the other surveys we receive. The findings from this analysis will then be used to help us develop training and resources on the topic areas covered. Research findings may also be included in reports, presentations and academic publications that we produce. 

What are your choices about how your information is used? 

If during the survey, you decide you no longer want to be involved in the study, you can leave the webpage without submitting. As responses are to be anonymised, you will not be able to withdraw after you have completed the survey. 

Where can you find out more about the study, including how your information is used? 

If you would like more information about this study, please contact or

If you would like more information about EKHO, please contact

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