Page 1: Participant Information and consent

Are you a UK resident, currently self-isolating due to COVID-19/Corona virus infection? 

If so, we invite you to participate in a survey to help us understand the impact of self-isolation on health and wellbeing. 

By self-isolation we mean the situation where an individual has displayed symptoms of coronavirus infection (COVID-19), however mild and either has been instructed by health authorities or has chosen not to leave their home for 7 or more days, or only left for essential activities such as food shopping or visit to the pharmacist or health professional, from when symptoms started. Moreover, self-isolation may include those choosing to self-isolate for any other reason relating to COVID-19 such as at risk because of underlying medical condition, of an older age, or has a family member who falls into the at-risk category of severe virus symptoms.


Anglia Ruskin University and Ulster University are conducting an online Research study to determine the public health implication of COVID-19 self-isolation. The research involves a questionnaire, which will take approx. 15 mins to complete.

Taking part in this survey is completely optional and you should only take part if you are willing to do so. There are no risk or precautions to be taken when participating in this study. If you have any questions, please contact the study team at All information collected from you in relation to this research will be anonymised. Generated reports from this study will include your data but it will not be possible to identify you from the reported data. 

If you wish to raise a complaint about this research please contact

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If yes to the above, please continue to read. By consenting to take part in this research you have not compromised your statutory legal rights. All information from your participation in this research will be collected and stored in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR 2016). By consenting to this study you are agreeing to Anglia Ruskin University processing personal data that you provide for any purpose connected to this study. Once you have consented, information from your submitted survey cannot be withdrawn. 

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