Welcome to the Branching Out Survey for arts organisations and practitioners. Please read the information below and contact hilary.bungay@aru.ac.uk or anna.dadswell@aru.ac.uk if you have any questions before taking part.

Background: The previous Eco-Capabilities project explored how children from two primary schools engaged in arts in nature experiences – described as artscaping – delivered by Cambridge Curiosity and Imagination (CCI). CCI are an arts-based charity who work with primary schools and communities to create opportunities for children’s creative adventures in local, familiar, outdoor places. The research found that artscaping promoted children’s agency and confidence, provided creative inspiration, and enhanced their overall wellbeing.

Aim: The Branching Out project aims to establish how arts in nature experiences – described as artscaping – such as the Eco-capabilities project can be scaled up to reach more children through using volunteers as ‘Community Artscapers’. This involves developing and testing different options and toolkits to support the future delivery of artscaping by artists, volunteer Community Artscapers, and staff in primary schools.

Team: The research is led by Professor Nicola Walshe from UCL (University College London) along with Professor Hilary Bungay and Anna Dadswell from ARU (Anglia Ruskin University). The initial delivery of Branching Out will be led by arts charity Cambridge Curiosity and Imagination, alongside Cambridge Acorn Project, who undertake therapeutic work with children, in partnership with Fullscope, a consortium supporting children’s mental health.

To inform the development of the Branching Out project, we would like to know more about how arts organisations and practitioners combine arts and nature in their work with children and young people. This survey aims to map existing activity across the UK and to register interest in joining a national network and potential future involvement in the Branching Out project.

The survey will take approximately 10-15 minutes to complete and will be open until 10 June. We would be grateful if you could also share the survey with your networks.

Thank you very much for your time and support.

With best wishes,

Professor Nicola Walshe (n.walshe@ucl.ac.uk)

Professor Hilary Bungay (hilary.bungay@aru.ac.uk)

Anna Dadswell (anna.dadswell@aru.ac.uk)

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The results of the project will be written up in anonymised format and will use quotations from survey responses.  Whilst every attempt will be made to ensure anonymity, it is possible that participants may be identified by their peers.

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