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Branching Out: Tackling mental health inequalities in schools with Community Artscapers

Welcome to the Branching Out survey for mental health leads and primary school staff. Please read the information below and contact or if you have any questions before taking part.


There is increasing concern about the growing number of children requiring support for their mental health, which has been exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic. We know the benefits of time outdoors and contact with nature for mental health and wellbeing, yet children are spending less time outdoors than ever before.

Arts in nature experiences – described as ‘artscaping’ – delivered in primary schools presents a new way of addressing this issue and has been shown to promote children’s agency and confidence, provide creative inspiration, and enhance overall wellbeing.


The Branching Out project explores how artscaping arts in nature experiences can be scaled up to reach more children by engaging volunteers as ‘Community Artscapers’ in order to tackle mental health inequalities in primary schools.


We are asking mental health leads and other primary school staff members who are interested in children’s mental health to complete a survey that asks how acceptable, appropriate, and feasible it would be to introduce artscaping through Community Artscapers in the context of their school.

This is the second round of surveys that will help to develop the Branching Out approach. The survey is anonymous, so you will not be able to withdraw your responses once they have been submitted.


The research is led by Professor Nicola Walshe from UCL along with Professor Hilary Bungay and Anna Dadswell from ARU. The initial Branching Out approach will be delivered by arts charity Cambridge Curiosity and Imagination, alongside Cambridge Acorn Project, who undertake therapeutic work with children, in partnership with Fullscope, a consortium supporting children’s mental health.

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The results of the project will be written up in anonymised format and will use quotations from survey responses.  Whilst every attempt will be made to ensure anonymity, it is possible that participants may be identified by their peers.

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Participant consent

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