Page 1: Survey Background


You are being asked to fill out this online survey on advanced practice in radiography. All answers will be used for the purposes of the study only. Please read the Participant Information Sheet (PIS) available in the files section for more information. You may withdraw consent prior to the submission of the questionnaire.  

This survey will gain an insight into radiographers attitudes towards advanced practitioner roles. There are healthcare professionals who have been educated usually to master’s degree or equivalent, and have developed their skills and knowledge to allow them to take on expanded roles beyond the traditional scopes of practice. Advanced practice roles are becoming more widespread in other health professions in Ireland such as nursing and physiotherapy.  Advanced practice roles for radiographers are well established in other regions, particularly the UK, where some radiographers have moved into advanced practice roles mostly undertaking image reporting but also undertaking image guided procedures or the adoption of radiological tasks.

To date there is little formal evidence or studies in Ireland to suggest radiographers are moving into advanced practice roles and this study would aim to understand the reasoning for this and the potential barriers that may exist in relation to radiography and advanced practice in Ireland.